Furnace Installation & Replacement Metuchen, NJ

Furnace Installation & Replacement in Metuchen, NJ and Surrounding Areas

Are you exhausted due to constant furnace breakdowns and repairs? Contact Rafail’s Heating and Cooling and enquire about furnace installation & replacement services.

Most people do not give much importance or attention to the furnace when it is functioning properly. The value of the furnace is known and appreciated only when it fails to work.  We would appreciate how much we relied on them during warm conditions. If your furnace is not functioning, it is not recommended to opt for a quick repair. It is best to consider replacements. We ensure to provide services that add comfort and value to your residence.

When You Should Consider Furnace Replacements?

Furnace malfunctions happen due to various factors. It may happen any time and it can be of any sort. It is important to determine the issue immediately to avoid other complications and damages. We have shared a few indicators, which means- it is time to replace and look for a new furnace installation. Get in touch with one of the best furnace installation companies in Metuchen, NJ for assistance.

  1. High energy bills: If the furnace is not functioning to its best capabilities, it ingests more energy than usual. If you are noticing a sudden increase in the energy bills, it could be due to the faulty furnace.
  2. Uneven heat distribution: Old or outdated furnaces find it hard to transfer to all the room evenly. Due to this, you can notice cold and hot spots in the home.
  3. Abnormal noises: Are you noticing strange noises from your furnace? If you are hearing such odd noises for the first time, it means some parts have gone wrong. Screeching noises are caused due to problems in the blower motor. Rattling noises are due to signal loss in the internal parts. If you are hearing any kind of alarming noises, ensure to call our experts and we can sort the issue.
  4. Old age: Furnaces can last up to fifteen or twenty years. In most cases, problems arise when the furnace gets old. If you wish to avoid expensive costly repairs and constant breakdowns, then it is best to install a new furnace.

We have a team of furnace repair experts who completely analyze and suggest the best solution for your furnace breakdowns. We do not suggest a replacement for all customers. We would suggest only if it is required or when the furnace looks completely out of date.

Furnace Maintenance Tips By Experts

One of the best ways to avoid expensive repairs is - performing regular maintenance by approaching one of the best furnace installation companies, Edison, NJ. It helps to keep the system running smoothly throughout the year. Moreover, regular maintenance makes sure that the system is efficient and functions more than its expected period. We have shared some useful tips that will help you in the long run.

  • Ensure the flue is flawless
  • Clean the filter frequently
  • Reduce the heating capacity by beefing up insulation
  • Ensure that the vents do not have any obstruction
  • Contact a leading company for repair, installation, services, and maintenance.

We provide complete comprehensive HVAC services for affordable prices. If needed, you can compare their quote with other contractors and see the price differences.

Call the Experts for Heating Solutions!

If you are constructing a home, you may wonder which kind of heater is best for your needs. It is well known that a heater is the largest user of energy and so, you would wish to buy an efficient system. Are you confused about making a decision? Call one of the leading furnace installation companies in South Plainfield, NJ, and choose the best option.

Which Is Best- Oil, Gas, Or Electric?

Most experts say electric is the easiest to install and the cheapest option as it does not require a chimney. If you want to know more about oil and gas options, get in touch with us for heating services.

Tips To Select The Right Furnace

There are several furnaces easily available on the market. Regardless of your home type, fuel preference, and budget, it is important to select a furnace that is best for you. Our experts have shared some guidelines that will assist you in selecting the best furnace for your house.

It is possible to power the furnace by utilizing various fuels like fuel oil and coal. However, natural gas is very common. Evaluate the pros and cons of all the options and then select the best one.

  • Efficiency: If you are concerned about efficiency, a gas furnace is not the best option.
  • Budget: Oil furnaces are a budget-friendly option and save money in the long term.

If you are looking for professional furnace installation companies in Piscataway and surrounding areas, contact our engineers at (732) 762-2662 and we will assist you in the best way.


Jerry Ngo
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Rafail is my go to guy for my HVAC troubles. I've used Rafail a few times in the past and present when I have issues with my AC and heater. Out of all the contractors I've consulted with, Rafail is the most professional and honest person you'll meet. Thank you for everything Rafail.
Kasia Bieszczad
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We were rescued! It was the hottest day of the year here in NJ and of course our AC failed. Within a few hours, not only were two problems diagnosed, but the whole things was fixed, and all at a very reasonable cost. Thank you so much—we are putting your card on our fridge!
Oleg Shushkovsky
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Rafail installed furnace and AC unit for us. He did high quality work to ensure the job was done professionally and efficiently. He was punctual and kept the job site neat and clean. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for him.
Peter Ng
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Rafail did a great job installing my air conditioning condenser and heating furnace. He paid attention to details and answered all my questions.
L Rock
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Rafail is an honest and trustworthy man. He never walks away from a job and gets to the root cause and fixes any issues with appliances that you may have. He has been to my home for repairs and service various times and I highly recommend him.